30 Upper Main Street
Callicoon, NY 12723


HAmlet of callicoon

Callicoon is located where the the Delaware River meets the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.  Voted one of the "Best Small Town Main Streets" by CountryLiving Magazine in 2018,  Callicoon delights visitors year-round with it's local Farmers' Market,  Annual Tractor Parade,  Callicoon Country Fair and "Dickens on the Delaware: A Victorian Holiday Festival", which takes place in December.  The Upper Delaware River (Federally protected since 1978) is a strong part of  Callicoon's local charm and offers many opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy the pristine waters.  Callicoon is a friendly town with great food, shopping and sightseeing opportunities. 

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Dutch hunters first settled the area in the 1600’s.  On the banks of the river they found an abundance of wild turkey and marked this location on the map as “Kollikoonkill,” meaning “Wild Turkey Creek.” The area became a prime source for fresh-cut timber and the Delaware River served as a natural access to the populated coastal centers of the east. During the 1760’s, timber rafting began and in the 1840’s the Erie Railroad opened up the area further.

Although the hamlet dates back to the 1600’s, very few buildings are older than 1888, a date etched in Callicoon history forever because of a devastating fire that nearly wiped out the entire Main Street. The resilient community immediately rebuilt, replacing every building by year’s end. Today, visitors and new residents are drawn to the pristine beauty of “Callicoon-on-the-Delaware” as they enjoy one of the last wilderness regions with a rich and colorful history.